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Welcome to WrestlingPhotos.co.uk
Welcome to WrestlingPhotos.co.uk

Many of you will have seen me around British Wrestling shows for the last few years, taking photos at ringside. This site is a long standing project of mine to let people view some of my favourite photos from the shows. I hope you enjoy it. Feel free to register and to post your comments on the photos and to say come over and say hello if you see me at shows.

If there is a particular photo you would like to receive a printed copy of please contact me. High resolution copies of photos can be supplied that are much higher quality than the Web resolution photos you can see on the site. I am hoping to add direct ordering opportunities to the site soon.

I am happy to take photos at events from promoters I don't currently work with. If you are a promoter and would like to book me for one of your events please e-mail me. High resolution photos can be supplied suitable for promotional and commercial use. If you are a wrestler looking for promotional photographs, for instance to enable you to get bookings, these can also be arranged at very reasonable rates.

Aside from photography my experience in the wrestling business includes promoting, MCing, refereeing, front of house, running backstage, ring crew, writing copy, advertising, sound production, filming, editing and journalistic services. If you are a new or experienced promoter requiring assistance than I will try and help.

My direct e-mail contact address is tom@britishwrestling.com.

Tom Lancaster