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Layout and older photos
I have made some changes to the layout of the site to conserve some of the bandwidth and so there's less displayed on the main page.

Some of the promotions which I make changes to less regularly are now moved into the All Other Promotions section of the site.

I've also moved all of the pre-2006 photos into the registered users area. This means that you have to register and be logged in to see them. They are still there, just hidden until you log in. Registration is free.

I've also put a few sets of older photos up and I plan to continue to put more into the archives over the next few months. It is quite a slow process so bear with me on this one. Obviously older stuff isn't always going to be shot on the same camera I use now but I'm sure it will be of interest to many of you. As this is pre-2006 you'll have to log on, but if you're wondering at the moment there are two sets of photos from 2003 Dropkixx, two sets from 2003 BCW, plus an early BWA show (the first in the archive) from 2004 and the first HCW show I attended from 2004.

Feel free to get in contact if anyone has any ideas for the site. I could do with someone to go through all help me to classify a few thousand photos, so if anyone fancies that just let me know!