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WAR, FCW and AWW photos added
I've been to a few shows recently and have had a chance to do an update to the site.

New photos from WAR in Rugby, the FCW over-18 show in Dudley and the AWW show in central Birmingham (Digbeth) are now up.

As always remember to register and log in to see larger versions of the photos. You can also leave comments, use other features etc at the same time.

As part of the update I've moved a lot of the older photos into the registered users area, so you need to log on to see them.

There are additional photos stored on the site for recent shows for workers only. If you were on the show and would like access to them make sure you are registered as a user, then send me an e-mail (to tom@britishwrestling.com) and I should be able to sort access for you.

I've also updated Coppermine (the gallery software) to the latest version and it looks to me to be working successfully - but if you do find any problems let me know.