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Photos added from SWWA, AWW and LPW
There are three new sets of photos up on the site.

First is LPW's first show at their new venue in Lea Hall in Birmingham. These have actually been up for about a month so you might have found them, but I didn't leave a note at the time. There's also this past weekend's SWWA show from Hardy Spicer's in Erdington, Birmingham - essentially a new promotion but with strong links to Sovereign of old. Both of these sets are in 'All Other Promotions' list at the bottom, although if they keep regular shows up they should soon graduate to a main category in their own right.

There's also photos up from AWW in Digbeth last Thursday, featuring what I was believe was the Birmingham debut of Pac.

Yes, that's a lot of shows in Birmingham right now for anyone keeping count (but it has taken enough years of effort from many different promoters to establish)!