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Photo updates: TXW, AWW, SLAM
It's nearing March so a few more updates for you with what I've been up to.

First of all there's a set of photos from the TXW show in Coventry. They're in the other promotions section. This was a fun little show for the older attendees and I got some good shots, especially of the technical matches. Next TXW show is over the Easter weekend.

Then there's AWW from Digbeth. This is a regular show for me. This was a nice fun show and always gets a good crowd who are into it. Tomorrow is the planned biggest AWW show since their comeback last year at Aston University and should be worth a visit if in the area.

Finally there's the SLAM show for Tamworth. This was my first show for SLAM and it was a nice mix of Midlands and National workers. The first promotion I was ever properly involved with combines several of the promotion team with SLAM and it was good to see how things have progressed. I'm expecting big things from SLAM around the Midlands. Again this is in the other promotions section.

Sadly I missed a couple of shows I was hoping to go to, first with the show, then with the Cage Fighters I film for, which meant the first month for a few when I've not made an LPW show. Hopefully I can make that up this coming month.

As always, if any promoters want to book me drop me an e-mail and we can usually come to some arrangement. European bookings welcome.