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Photo updates: AWW, LPW, SAS
There are four new photo sets up on the site.

First, there are lots of AWW photos. The March 1 show from Aston University, which featured the Dan Ryder vs Johnny Lee TLC match, and the March 29 show from the Irish Club in Digbeth, featuring a triple threat contest with Dan Ryder, Pac and the new look Spud.

There's LPW from Lee Hall Social Club, this was interested as it featured a 'random draw' match format and a mix of outside talent.

Finally, SAS from Collingwood Centre, Great Barr, which was a fun show featuring a few names from TWC Fight. The SAS show is in the second other promotions section.

Hope you enjoy everything. I have quite a few shows planned for April, so should be another busy month.