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Photo updates: FCW, LPW, SWWA, TXW, AWW
I've been taking a lot of photos recently, so there are quite a few updates to look at. I'll try and remember them all.

First, FCW from Haden Hill, Birmingham. Some good workers on this show; aside from the FCW regulars I was impressed by the likes of Ricky Knight, Sweet Saraya, Alison Danger and Sam Slam.

LPW, from Shard End, Birmingham. An entertaining show, although an awkward venue as the crowd are inches away from the ring.

SWWA, from Kings Heath, Birmingham. There are two sets of photos here, one from the Internet TV taping in the afternoon and one from the main show in the evening. This used many of the usual Midlands workers and there were some good matches held on both shows.

TXW, from Coventry. TXW shows always make for good photographs and there's plenty of blood here. Plus a surprise appearance by Doug Williams.

Finally, AWE from Tipton, West Midlands. This was my first chance to see an AWE show and I found a hard working roster and a fantastic turn away crowd.

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