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Happy New Year & More Updates

First of all, a Happy New Year to all of you. I hope 2009 is a great success for everyone.

Now to bring you up to speed with the latest album changes:

First the AMP debut show from Coventry on 02/11/08, featuring Zack Sabre Junior versus Dave Moralez. AMP is the promotion that's largely following in the footsteps of Triple X Wrestling and this was a fine debut from the group.

Next, Anti-Watershed Wrestling photos from Aston University on 07/11/08. This show featured three top British names in Jonny Storm, Pac and Spud.

More AWW, this time from Digbeth on 21/11/08. This show was headlined by Spud vs Moralez in an AWW Title rematch.

SAS Kingstanding photos from 22/11/08, featuring Hubba Bubba Lucha, Spud and Dragon Phoenix. This was the show where El Ligero suffered what appeared to be a nasty injury, although thankfully not as bad as everyone feared at the time.

Finally for now, photos from the LPW 100th Show, from Lea Hall on 05/12/08. Quite an achievement really for any promotion to get to 100 shows and this showed the dedication from the team at Leicester Pro Wrestling. This shows also features a rare special appearance from the stars of Power Trip Wrestling.


There was also another attempt to hack the server recently, meaning everything ran slower than normal. I think that's now solved and things are back to normal.


As usual, January has been a very quiet month for wrestling (there are never many shows on near Christmas) but there should be several I should get to during February, hopefully including my first IPW show.


The other thing I'm trying to do is to find a way to tag the photos with things like the names of the wrestlers in them. I know that there are some wrestlers (male and female) who are very popular and people like to be able to seek out their matches. The thing that's delaying that at the moment is that the only way I can find to do this is a prolonged manually process. That said, any ideas, or offers of help, are welcome.


For now, enjoy the archive.


Best wishes,